Author Bio

Robert Davis Smart has served in Christian ministry both on college campuses with the Navigators and as senior pastor of Christ Church for the last thirty years. As an author and editor he published his Ph.D. on Jonathan Edwards, contributed chapters on the Great Awakening, and written articles and reviews in theological journals. Bob is married, has five married children, and is a grandfather of twelve grandchildren. Bob has taught seminary courses on spiritual formation and theology in over twenty-five nations, and speaks often at conferences on marriage and family.

Bob has published in three previous books on Jonathan Edwards and revival. His four recent books include Embracing Your IDentity in Christ: Renouncing Lies and Foolish Strategies, Calling to Christ: What’s My Place?, Intentionality for Christ: What’s My Aim? , and Legacy From Christ: What’s My Message? All four of these belong in a series of four seasons of spiritual formations, and are published by WestbowPress.

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