Embracing Your Identity in Christ

Many people are ruled by a central condemning thought, which they continually are trying to prove wrong by more effort and are often surrendering to in despair. Have you had enough of this kind this form of Christianity that denies God’s power?

Author Robert Davis Smart’s Embracing Your Identity in Christ: Renouncing Lies and Foolish Strategies Four Seasons of Spiritual Formation strengthens Christians to embrace their true identity in Christ and to renounce the lies, condemning thoughts, and foolish strategies that contradict Gospel living. Identity in Christ includes being made in God’s image, gender, providence, and important positional truths of the Gospel that precede our performance for the sake of the Gospel.

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Intentionality for Christ

There is nothing better than a Christian secure in their identity in Christ and grounded in their calling to Christ. This third season of spiritual formation is about aim. It is the season of midlife where Christians can slay the “warlords of waste” with Gospel intentionality in order to make their greatest contribution to the kingdom of Christ. In this book, Dr. Bob Smart helps those in midlife discover their God-given aim for Christ so that their last season of spiritual formation is a rich legacy from Christ.

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Legacy from Christ

How shall we disciple those past sixty years old? This book is for those in their final season of spiritual formation. Dr. Bob Smart gives God’s perspective on the treasury Christ has given Christians in their final lap. In this book, the reader will discover how to give their message in the form of benedictions, final wills, and testaments.

The Christian will learn how to come to the river of death and how to cross over it in a way that says “to die is gain.” There are many touching stories to encourage the Christian to finish well.

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Calling to Christ

Although there is nothing sweeter than the Gospel, there is more sweetness to be enjoyed after one’s conversion to Christ. Many Christians fail to experience transformation in the discovery of God’s call on their lives in the areas of work, family, and service. Even the idea of calling has been relegated to full-time vocational service, leaving out the other 90% of God’s people. What if we could overcome the major obstacles to joyful fulfillment in our callings to Christ? What about the importance of being called to an ordinary place that counts for eternity?

What if we begin to live out of the heart God gave us rather than the demands and expectations of others we had not considered are ruling us in negative ways? Dr. Bob Smart walks his readers through the practical steps to owning God’s calling of us in all areas of life, which promises to lead to freedom and meaningful living in this second season of spiritual formation. This is the second book of four seasons of spiritual formation.

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